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TV Mount Installation

The T.V. has taken a new place in our homes from what it was in the past. It has become a piece of furniture that accent’s any room it is in. From the sleek design to the availability of sizes. With this in mind, servicing TV mount installations in Petaluma, Sonoma, Napa, & Marin Counties, the team of Pacific Eagle Electric technician’s are ready to help you with all aspects of placing your TV in the right location. By mounting your TV to the wall, it provides a better viewing level in any room and creates a more spacious area. Whether you would like to install your TV in a corner of the family room or game room, above the fireplace or in your bedroom, the team at Pacific Eagle Electric will take care of all aspects. We make certain that the mounting of the TV and the bracket that it sits on is safe and secure in its place. Our trained technicians will provide a clear quote, sleek wiring path and a clean mounting/installation of the TV. Call us today to arrange an appointment to provide a quote. We look forward to hearing from you.