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Our Team collectively supports the mission of Pacific Eagle Electric to provide exceptional workmanship, extraordinary service, professional integrity, and an incomparable devotion to each other and our clients. At Pacific Eagle, we respect, honor, and value our employees in a way that inspires a positive working environment in which they can thrive. Our commitment to this mission translates to client satisfaction and the ultimate goal of becoming your premier electrical contractor for Northern California.


Jason D.E. Harden – Owner

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In his pursuit of a career in the electrical construction trade, Jason Harden began sweeping shop floors just to wedge his foot in the door. With hard work and perseverance, Jason earned a position as an electrical apprentice. From there, he spent several years learning the business while moving on to warehouse manager and purchasing agent. Before long, he was promoted to project manager, then senior project manager.

“I went from a warehouse kid pushing a broom and driving a truck, to senior project manager. Learning every aspect of the business from the ground up has been my greatest strength.”

During the course of his career, Jason wished for a company of his own, and began making plans to form his own company. “I wanted to become something more than just another good electrical firm. We want our staff to enjoy coming to work every day, and we want them to feel appreciated, because we believe that happy employees will always put their best foot forward in creating happy clients.”

Jason believes in the importance of maintaining a good balance between work and family, and has been a devoted husband for the past 10 years to his wife, Heather, as well as a dedicated father of four.