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Main Panel Upgrades

Our main panels are the source of power for our homes.  Over time, these panels can become outdated for a couple of different reasons.  The first stems from and is most popular in older homes.  The amperage that was first installed in these homes is not enough to source all the power that is needed for today’s usage.

With larger TV’s, computer’s and updated lighting in general, a panel with added power is needed.  The second is that there are some panels that are no longer in code.  These panels need to be changed out.  By changing these outdated panels they will be in code and the amperage will match the power that is being used in the home.

Pacific Eagle Electric installs new service panels in Petaluma, Sonoma, Marin & Napa Counties and coordinates all of the needed steps that go into the process of a panel change.  We provide an inspection of the panel, what amperage is needed for the home and coordinate the efforts for the permit, PG&E and inspections.

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