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Lighting Fixtures in SF Bay Area

Lighting fixtures are not what they used to be. Back in the day, they were simple in design and had one purpose: to illuminate a room. The cloth shades we mainly a cream color. They would sit at either end of a couch, chair set, or in the corner of a room so as to not be a focal point but to simply do what they were made to do. In addition, the ceiling fixtures served the same purpose -functionality. They too were basic in color and style. You never looked up to see what the design was, nor was a comment made on their design features. Simply because they were basic in style.

Today we are enamored with all different sizes, colors, designs and functionality of both stand alone lighting as well as flush mount lighting. We even have stores that are dedicated to lighting specifically. At Pacific Eagle Electric our team of professional certified electricians are prepared to install your individual lighting fixtures in Petaluma, Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco counties.

Whether you are starting from scratch and have a new location where there previously was no lighting or you are simply taking down an existing fixture and installing a new one, we’ve got the electric services in Petaluma you need! Before purchasing your new fixtures, always make sure that the fixture has been listed with a laboratory. i.e. UL listed. This gives any certified electrician the “go ahead” to install the fixture. When purchasing fixtures within the country all are listed before they can be on the shelf. If you have purchased a fixture from another country (this is more common than you think) it needs to be sent to a lab and tested. Once approved, we can install it for you!

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