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Landscape Lighting in SF Bay Area

Spring is just around the corner! We know this because we felt small warmth on our backs from the sun as we were just outside the office doors the other day. It brought visions of flowers blooming when we least expect it, surprising us with glorious colors and tree’s budding with new life.

Before you know it we will be pulling out the barbecues and cleaning off the grill to start a new season of outdoor living. We like to think of our yards and patios as an extension of our living room. A place where family and friends gather to enjoy a good meal and conversation. Just as we like our homes to be well manicured indoors with efficient and attractive lighting, we also like our garden and patio areas to be well manicured with the like. Having pathway lights to shine on your newly planted flowerbeds and up lights for your trees is a great way to enhance your outdoor living experience.

At Pacific Eagle Electric we can help you with all of your exterior lighting needs with our Landscape Lighting services in Petaluma. Being an electrical company we will come to your home with a different look on things and provide a free full walk through of your garden and patio area. Our technician will help guide you on what lights should be used and where to install them.

In the counties of Marin, Sonoma, Napa and San Francisco we are fortunate to have fantastic weather that affords us to enjoy outdoor living that goes beyond the summer months. Enhance it with decorative outdoor lighting, it will illuminate your exterior entertaining for the spring and summer! Contact us for our Landscape Lighting in Petaluma!

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