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Inside Look at Our Service Department Team

pacific-eagle-slide-04When things need attention in our homes, we rely (for the most part) on exterior services unless you are very handy with tools for plumbing, electrical or carpentry. Then again, even those that are handy sometimes do not have the time to do it themselves and need assistance with those that work in it full time.

We have all made that phone call to a company and scheduled a person that they do not know to come into their homes and fix their immediate problem. Whether it be simple or complex. At Pacific Eagle Electric we want you to be comfortable in who you let in your home from our company. In doing so, I wanted to share a bit of back ground on myself and Aaron, our Lead Service Technician. When you call into Pacific Eagle Electric most likely, you will be talking with me to discuss what you would like to have done and arrange your appointment. Aaron (for the most part) will be the technician coming to your home and taking care of your service needs.

I have been in the sales field/customer arena for over 35 years and have travelled all over the country during this time. I enjoy helping people in all different facets. Both personally and professionally, in person, via e-mail and over the phone. I listen well and try to ask the questions needed in order to be expedient with your concerns/wants and time. It is important to me that you feel comfortable with whom you have invited into your home or place of business.

Aaron has been an electrician since 2006. It runs in the family as his father has been an electrician for over 25 years and runs his own company, as well. Working with his father as a young boy, Aaron saw the potential for a good career. After college, he entered trade school and received his general electrician license from the State of California. Aaron has been with Pacific Eagle Electric for over a year, is extremely efficient with his thought process on how to expedite the customer’s concerns/wants in the most logical manner. Aaron and I have worked together for over 5 years at a previous company and now at Pacific Eagle Electric. We both find Pacific Eagle Electric to be a first rate company with the owner’s having integrity and care about their employee’s.

We hope this gives you a bit of an in-site on us and the dedication to our jobs and the company we work for. We look forward to hearing from you whenever you need anything electrical done!

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