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Electrician in Santa Rosa

Have you been on the lookout for a top-notch electrician in Santa Rosa? We all at one point or another need to hire outside services to come and make repairs or installations in our homes. Our main mission here at Pacific Eagle Electric is to provide our clients with extraordinary workmanship, service, integrity, and devotion. Part of upholding our strong reputation with over 45 years of experience in electrical services in Santa Rosa, includes letting our clients get to know our technicians before they go out in the field. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional customer service and professionalism.


Technicians in Santa Rosa

When you first call us, we understand that it can be nerve-racking to schedule someone that you don’t know to come into your home. We will be sure to really listen, take note of all your service concerns, and fully answer any questions that you have. We will gather all the details of what you need to have done, and will review with you a convenient date and time for our technician to do a service call.
Our leading service technician is Aaron. Growing up with an electrician for a father, he was practically born into the business. He graduated from the State of California in 2006 with a general electrician license. Aaron has been with Pacific Eagle Electric for over a year. He is known for efficiently expediting the customer’s concerns. If you need repairs or installations in your home whether they be simple or complex, you can trust Pacific Eagle Electric with all your service needs. We are very clean and efficient with our work and appreciate putting you at ease with any questions that you may have on the service call.

Residential Services in Santa Rosa

We offer quite the variety of services, so you can enhance the function of your home inside and out. Some of our popular services include, chandelier installation, landscape lighting, motions sensors, and TV mount installation. Others include ceiling fan installation, electric car charger installation, recessed lighting and much more!

Commercial Services in Santa Rosa

Bring contemporary function and splendor to your business. Pacific Eagle Electric will give your company electrical solutions to suit your every need. We pride electrical services to a wide variety of business types whether it be a educational institution, office, hospital, theatre, warehouse, winery or whatever your business may be, we got you covered! Popular commercial services include: computer rooms, back-up generation systems, industrial wiring, interior/exterior lighting, network cabling, and much more!

Choose Pacific Eagle Electric for your expert electrical needs in Santa Rosa. Feel free to  contact us at 707-347-8088 today to schedule a service appointment or receive a quote! Make us your electricians in Santa Rosa today!