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Electrician in Mill Valley

When we experience electrical problems in our homes or commercial buildings, we tend to reach out to our local electrician companies as soon as possible. In this day and age, we rely so heavily on electricity that some may even be in a state of panic when faced with a blown fuse, power outage, or circuit breaker issues. But did you know that most electrical problems show warning signs before things get serious? Pacific Eagle Electric has the tips you need to call our electrical services in Mill Valley before you're left alone in the dark!

Warning Signs of Electrical Problems

Know the symptoms of an electrical problem in Mill Valley so you can have our team get it fixed early! Waiting until the last second to have electrical repair done can put you or your family at risk for electric shock and property damage. Know the signs of needing Residential Electric Services and Commercial Electric Services below!


Circuit Breaker Repair Mill Valley

When a circuit becomes overloaded, it tend to result in damage to your circuit breaker. Without a functional circuit breaker, wires could not be prevented from overheating and starting a fire making it very vital protection from safety hazards. Your circuit breaker can also lose its potential once it becomes too old. When your circuit breaker experiences occasional trips, electrical repair could be avoided if switching an appliance to a different circuit is enough to cease the issue. If you believe that your circuit breaker requires electrical repair, keep in mind that working inside a main electrical panel requires professional skill. Be aware that even when the main breaker is shut off, power is still entering the panel and can result in shocks further injury. Give our electricians in Mill Valley a call and we will handle the repairs professionally for you. If you are considering replacing your main electrical panel, you must know which type to replace it with. Replacing a circuit breaker or fuse with a higher rated one could potentially lead to overheating and fire, so give us a call at 707-347-8088 for questions or concerns.

Ceiling Fixtures Maintenance and Repair

Ceiling fixtures are known to not be well insulated. To check for hot ceiling fixtures like ceiling fans or chandeliers, it is recommended to periodically check and touch the walls and areas around your fixture for warmth. Check your light bulbs! If you have light bulbs that exceed the recommended amount of wattage for that fixture, it could result to overheating and pose as a fire threat in certain conditions. Not sure which bulbs to use? Contact us our electrical professionals in Mill Valley for advice. We also recommend switching to fluorescent light (CFL) if possible, or light-emitting diode bulbs since they produce less heat than regular bulbs.

Light Switches and Outlets Not Working

One more common electrical issue at home is light switches or electrical outlets not functioning. This is usually due to loose wiring for internal cracking inside the device. Internal troubleshooting can be confusing and tedious to handle. If you are not familiar with wiring in light switches and outlets, save your time and stress by calling Pacific Eagle Electric, electrician in Mill Valley. We can inspect your wiring to determine the cause of the issue, whether it's because of loose wiring and connections, or if you are in need of replacing defective appliances and devices.

If you see the warning signs, be sure to give Pacific Eagle Electric a call before it gets out of hand! We will have a free written proposal to you within 24 hours, a follow-up with a schedule that works for you. Pick up the phone, give us a call, and we will handle the rest. Contact Us today at 707-347-8088 for electrical repair in Mill Valley!