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Main Electrical Panel Replacement

Our main source of power for all of our homes is the main panel. Especially if you have an older home, in our surrounding counties of Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco, most likely your panel is not strong enough to feed all of your current electrical needs, as it was installed to feed minimal electrical items. Even in newer built homes, with today’s added items that we all have such as computers, high voltage microwaves, multiple TV’s in a house, car charger’s, etc; you need a higher powered panel! Turn to our Main Electrical Panel Replacement services in Petaluma!

You may be experiencing a breaker pop, lights may “flicker” or you lose partial power to the house. At Pacific Eagle Electric we will come out to your home and provide a FREE ESTIMATE to replace the panel for you. We will do a walk-through of your home for you to determine what size panel you need, coordinate the permit process for you and review any questions or additional needs you may have while we are there. We will turn around a FREE written proposal to you within 24 hours and follow-up to make certain that you have received it and schedule the work for you. It just takes one call….we do the rest. Contact Us today at 707-347-8088!

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