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Electrical Inspections and Updates in Petaluma

When all your appliances are working well, it's sometimes easy to forget about where they get their power from. You may forget that there are wires behind the walls that make it possible for your appliances and home entertainment systems to work.

Electrical faults are the largest causes of fires and property damage in the United States. Also, many people get electrocuted every year when the plug in their electrical appliances into faulty or inadequate home wiring. That is why it is very important not to forget about electrical wiring and installation.

This is the only way that you will be able to keep your home and everyone in it safe from the damage and injuries that can be caused by electricity.


Why it’s important to conduct electrical home inspection:

Electrical home inspection in Petaluma involves thorough examination of your home’s electrical system to ensure that components, wires and systems meet the required safety standards. When you choose Pacific Eagle Electric for electrical home inspection, you can be sure that we are going to follow the National Electrical Code, commonly referred to as NEC when examining your home. This is a code that all electricians operating in the United States are expected to follow. It gives a definition of all parameters. When we are done with your home inspection, we will give you a detailed report that outlines all the things that require immediate attention. The report will also contain recommendation for improvements and the things that can be done if you need an upgrade.

Electrical home inspection is recommended by the Electrical Safety Foundation when:

1. You want to buy a home: It is important to have an electrical inspection done before buying a home to ensure that everything is fine. This will prevent you from buying home that has a lot of electrical faults that you did not know about.

2. Your home is older than 40 years: Homes that are older than 40 years are more likely to have electrical problems than newer homes. The may need some updates.

3. When you have had done a major renovation: Renovation may damage wiring and other electrical components.

4. When you want to add a new appliance: Your wiring and other electrical components should be checked before connecting a new appliance.

Our electrical inspections and updates in Petaluma will keep you and the members of your family safe. Your house and property will also be safe from the damage that can be caused by faulty electrical installations. Contact us today for professional electrical inspection and updates in Petaluma!