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Car Charger Installation in SF Bay Area

5825233318_dee5629140_zThe electric car has made its way into our lives.  If we don’t have one ourselves, then we’re driving next to one on the road. The cars are quiet, clean and efficient.  As an electrical company, we get calls all the time as to the whether or not we can install a car charger for their newly purchased car.  Our answer always is – YES! Pacific Eagle Electric provides car charger installation in Petaluma all the time!

Charging the car from an everyday receptacle is just not enough power to sufficiently charge the car by itself in an efficient amount of time.  Our team will always come out to your home first and review the site were you would like the charger to be installed and where the source (your main electrical panel) is to give you an accurate price on the work that needs to be done to have it installed.

How much does it cost?

With that said, we are asked frequently how much it costs to install a charger.  A “rule of thumb” for any home is that each property is different.  Whether you are needing electrical work done, plumbing or general construction.  This is why we will always make an appointment with you to review the area of work and do a FREE estimate. There some properties that are extremely simple and have the power close to where the car charger needs to be installed and other times when we will need to replace the main panel in order to accurately supply the correct amount of power distribution.

What are the options?

While we are there, we make certain to discuss all options with you.  A proposal is prepared for you based on the information gathered both by looking at the site and your needs/wants.  We prepare and send the proposal over to you within 24-48 hours of the appointment. It is listed out as to what will be done and the price for the work.  We have provide Car Charger Installation in Petaluma, Marin, Sonoma and San Francisco Counties.  Whether your car is a TESLA, CHEVY, NISSAN, BMW, VOLKSWAGON, AUDI or one of the many other companies that are jumping on the electric car wagon we are there to help plug you in!

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