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Bathroom Lighting, Fans, and Heaters in Petaluma

Here at Pacific Eagle Electric, we’re prepared to assist you with any bathroom lighting issues you might have. Most of us are in and out of the bathroom daily and don’t have time to fix the little annoyances that broken light bulbs or faulty wiring create. Whether it be a power outage, flickering light, or any other electrical maintenance our trained electricians are prepared to help.  Lighting issues might be due to out-of-date wiring, lighting, electronics, or the growth of electricity-hungry appliances. Some wiring problems are just inconveniences, however, others can cause serious fire or electrocution hazards. For this reason, it is important to call professionals. We will first gather all the details of your electrical maintenance needs and will schedule a time for a service call. We offer nothing but quality service at your convenience! We can take care of your Bathroom Lighting, Fans and Heaters in Petaluma!


Top Electrical Issues

  • Overlamping:
    This happens when a light fixture bulb has a higher wattage than the fixture it is designed for. This poses a serious danger because the bulb’s heat can melt or scorch the socket, which increases the risk of sparks jumping through the air from one wire to the next. Even after the bulb has been removed, damage to the socket and wires remain.
  • Few Outlets:
    If a home doesn’t have very many outlets, there is heavy reliance on extension cords, power strips, and the few outlets there are. While this is not a code violation and the danger is minimal, the extension cords can overheat and ignite a fire.
  • Unprotected Junction Box:
    A junction box houses where the wires connect. The danger is minimal as long as wires are not tampered with or damaged. It is important to have a cover installed over this box.
  • Flickering Lights Due to Wind:
    Wind can cause outdoor cables to move. When those cables are a direct powerline into the house, they pose a high level of danger because the frayed wiring might arc and result in a fire.
  • Wires have been Backstabbed:
    This most often occurs on wires that have been pushed in the back and come loose. This is dangerous because wires can cause a receptacle or stop working altogether. Worst case scenario, they start a fire.

Pacific Eagle is here for you to help solve any electrical issues you might be having in your bathroom! We service both residential and commercial properties regarding Bathroom Lighting, Fans and Heaters in Petaluma. Contact us today at 707-347-8088 to schedule an appointment!